small water colour paintings

Series, 1978

My series „kleine Aquarelle“ is done in opaque watercolour. I think any specialist in watercolour would shudder could he see my paint box. All colours intermingled in their little jars. Still, these little water paintings are a source of pure untroubled refreshment to me, especially while working on them and also afterwards. Painting them is soothing to the erratic heart especially in spring time. It is good as well for the snow-covered heart of winter evenings (in evenings they are painted all). Autumn and summer are good times for watercolours too, because that’s when we bathe a lot, watercolour paint bathing.
Very small formats are large enough for a watercolour work of mine. Myself tall, enduring swimmer, enjoy being painter of small fragile watercolour images. The paint in the jars - mixed as it is - can now not be separated anymore. The pure spectral colours however, I sometimes see them so beautiful on the edges of the bathroom mirror or as ribbons on the white tiles above the bathtub

Exzerpt from: Dominik Steiger ÜBER MEINE KNÖCHELCHEN-ZEICHNUNGEN (ABOUT MY LITTLE BONE-DRAWINGS) first published in: Otto Breicha (Hg.), Protokolle ’82/3. Zeitschrift für Literatur und Kunst, Bd. 3, Jg. 1982, Jugend und Volk, Vienna/Munich, 1982, p. 222