with water

water colour paintings, some small or ... with stamps or ... excerpt from & on encyclopedia or ...

Draw happy lines with water and brush on a paper field and tap with the dragon in the midst of it. Some may have beens floating in the water. Bisterly the eylashes of the dragon bristle. Once the brush drips small water fields, it paints the dragon contours along happy lines going round the field.
Just do your best in your modest attempt on the field.
Upon an eyelid waving brows knit wrinkly. Caught unawared the brush paw of the tap lies in the blundered field. Ink pen broken in the dragon bush on the bank. Thus easily this „water laugh yourself into painting“ attempt creates confusing mess, where each dot teases the other: the failed water colour painting.
The braised painter goes to sleep in the thornbush. So easy to be drawn the water picture seemed to be, but then everything ran in confusion over the papery washboard.
Evening colour flows in, all turns black. Morass in the night the water painting is too, until morning again swiftly brushes away the quarky black.
Morning, tinderbright, ignites rose hips round the dragon hedge. Each of the red buds sharpening its snuffy brush.
Don’t hurry, the water coloured painting won’t vanish over night. That roses emanate from buds - it is the way the dragon goes; through the thornbush, through the night in the marsh; and happyly will wake again.

first published in: Dominik Steiger, ZELL FESCH, Buchdienst Fesch, Wien / Seedorn Verlag, Zürich 1984,