about singing à la BUDI

Innenhülle der LP AD HOC MUSI 1980–84, Tochnit Aleph, Berlin 2013, Sonderexemplar, signiert und bearbeitet


A fat one a thin one and I walk through the forest and sing ad high. Each of us sang ex cathedra, even though it was difficult. But the musician wants to give fresh impression of what for him is beauty. It was in a snow-covered forest. The branches were crystallised, at the slightest breath, snow fell in little clouds. Windless it was around the castle, joyous the songs of artists who freely reach into deep pockets richly filled with sayings and thinkings and glockenspiel.


from: Dominik Steiger, ÜBER MEINE KNÖCHELCHEN-ZEICHNUNGEN (About my little bones-drawings); first published in: Otto Breicha (Hg.), Protokolle ’82/3. Zeitschrift für Literatur und Kunst, Bd. 3, Jg. 1982, Jugend und Volk, Wien/München 1982, p. 224.



Sonntagsmusik. Concert for the opening of an Attersee exhibition, Dominik Steiger, Gerhard Rühm, Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, 29. 9. 1974

Dominik Steiger: Armer Igel / ein Lied (1982), last published by: Tochnit Aleph. Still from the video documentation of the performance as part of the multimedia evening and artist festival Attersee and his friends - ruthless entertainment during the Ars Electronica 1986, Brucknerhaus, Linz, 22.6.1986