wooden objects

EFFORT, 1991. From the series BOIS. Collage, paint on wood, glued, 49 x 60 x 33 cm

A series of wooden assemblings called Bois – works full of ironic allusions – goes back to an encounter with Joseph Beuys, who, invited by Oswald Wiener (*1935) came to Vienna in december 1971. „Wiener wants to show Beuys the Waldviertel“ (the Forest Quarter is a region in lower Austria), this is how Steiger remembers and writes in Gast Beuys (Beuys guest)1. „Forest bois …“ he continues and thus determines the title of his wooden sculptures. The choice is confirmed by the fact that the viennese pronunciaton of „bois“ in an onomatopoeic way sounds like the name Beuys.

1 Dominik Steiger, künstler-nativität, in: Thingummy, Droschl, Graz/Wien 1994, S. 144

Brigitte Huck, Kulturcollagen, Das Prinzip Montage im Werk Dominik Steigers, in: Hans-Peter Wipplinger (Hrsg.): catalogue for the exhibition DOMINIK STEIGER RETROSPEKTIVE, Kunsthalle Krems, 2014, p. 279

Untitled (dog), 1993. From the series BOIS. Wood, glued, collaged, 21 x 44 x 36,5 cm


BOISTELLE, 1997. Wood glued, corroded nail added loosely, object 9 x 20,5 x 9 cm, nail 16,5 cm

Untitled, undated. Paint on wood, glued, corroded piece of metal added loosely, object: 23 x 38,2 x 40 cm

der fesche Prometheuys (the chic Prometheuys) (URBOIS - BOIS prototype), 1985. Wooden cuttings in wooden box (Intuition, multiple of Joseph Beuys 1968), glued, 30,2 x 21 x 5,5 cm

FUCK NOSTRADAMUS?, undated. Wood, glued, 49,2 x 66,5 x 4,4 cm

Vogerl (little bird), undated. Wood (old kitchen tabletop), glued, 52 x 48 x 2,5 cm

Untitled, 1992. Wood, glued, 41 x 36 x 40,5 cm